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When I was 18 years old, I won first prize (out of 400 entries) in a drawing contest in New York City, judged by curators of three top Manhattan museums. That day was the most important day of my life. Not because I won, but because it was the single event that provided direction and meaning to my life. The winnings included a scholarship to The School of Art at The Cooper Union in Manhattan.    

From there I picked up my first camera and it was love at first sight. I moved on to the study of black and white photography where I developed and printed images both at school and in the darkroom of my basement. I became the "family photographer" for many years and then moved into the digital world of photography. 

I have traveled fairly extensively through the years – sometimes for the knowledge of other cultures and sometimes strictly for creating images. My travels have made me grateful for everything I have…even down to clean, running water so easily obtained and so easily taken for granted.

I am a passionate photographer. It’s always exciting to share how I see the world and people around me.  I hope you enjoy my work.